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Clondalkin Sinn Fein Councillor Mark Ward cautiously welcomes a proposed new housing development

24 April, 2017 - by Mark Ward

Clondalkin Sinn Fein Councillor Mark Ward cautiously welcomes a proposed new housing development at the Grange in South West Clondalkin. Speaking after a special council meeting in South Dublin County Council on a proposed new development in the Grange in South West Clondalkin, Cllr Ward was aghast to see some parties voting against a mixed tenure development that would see over 400 social houses built. There is an agreement that South Dublin County Council will reinvest any money raised into the selling of land to repeat the process and in increase the social housing yield.

Cllr Ward said;

“The proposed joint venture development at the Grange will result in over 1000 houses built. 40% of these builds will be Social Housing units. Outside the strategic development zone, the land at The Grange is the largest tract of Council owned land in Clondalkin.”

“Since becoming a Councillor the single biggest issue that I have come across is the housing crisis. We have families languishing in emergency accommodation, we have overcrowding in our existing houses due to children and grandchildren being unable to secure adequate housing, we have families who have been awarded medical priority living in unsuitable conditions and we have 1000s on our waiting lists for housing. We also have people who would love to be able to purchase homes in the Clondalkin area but currently are unable to do so due to lack of availability”

“Sinn Fein have secured an agreement through a motion that was tabled that will see any profits that the Council will make from the sale of this land used to buy additional land and to repeat the process. Conservative estimates will see South Dublin County Council recoup €15 million from the sale of the land”

“This is not a giveaway to developers. This is based on the market value of the land. It will allow SDCC to buy land that will see us increase the maximum social housing yield for those desperately in need of it.”

“PBP/Solidarity voted against this proposal on the grounds that it is not 100% social housing yet at a previous meeting to discuss the 63 new units at Lealand they didn’t vote for this proposal either. Yet this is a 100% social housing development. So while they are waving their hands in the air, spouting the usual rhetoric, families are living without adequate homes”

“Sinn Fein will do what we have done previously in Clondalkin and conduct a door to door survey with the residents in closest proximity to the new build, Cherrywood, Kilcarbury and Westbourne. Based on this survey we will make comprehensive submissions that will see the concerns of the residents addressed. Already I have secured an agreement that there will no additional traffic through Cherrywood/Kilcarbury estates during and after the construction process”

“This is not Sinn Fein’s preferred model of development but we will work within the Governments directive to secure housing as long as we can get the best possible deal for those most in need of housing”

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