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O’Brien questions government on Garda shooting investigation

4 May, 2017 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Speaking from Leinster House, Sinn Féin TD and Justice spokesperson Jonathan O’Brien questioned the government about the investigation into the shooting of Garda Tony Golden by Crevan Mackin, an alleged agent of the State.

The Cork North Central TD said:

“Garda Tony Golden was shot dead in 2015 assisting a victim of domestic violence attempting to retrieve her belongings from a house, by a violent individual known to senior Gardaí, and the victim of domestic violence, Siobhán Phillips, was also shot and left with life threatening injuries.

“Four days after his shooting, Deputy Gerry Adams received anonymous documents revealing that the perpetrator, Crevan Mackin, was known by senior Gardaí to have guns, explosives, and ammunition in his possession.

“Siobhán Phillips was passed from pillar to post as she was refused access to make a statement by Gardaí regarding an assault two days previous to the shooting that left her in hospital.

“I asked Minister David Stanton in the Dáil this week if the Government think it’s acceptable a victim of domestic violence be treated like this. I asked the Minister of State, because the Minister for Justice didn’t show up for the debate, and he replied with inadequate responses stating that these were all just ‘allegations’.

“This is not acceptable. We want a straight answer from the Minister for Justice that she will ensure, with the co-operation of the Garda Commissioner, that when a victim of domestic violence attends a station to make a report, that she is allowed to do so.

“The GSOC investigation will not answer all our questions. It will not tell us why the DPP did not charge him with firearms offences, despite his admission or why his bail was reduced by €15,000 in the absence of any request from his legal team.

“We respect the independence of the DPP and the Courts Service, but the only thing that will provide those answers is a public inquiry into the events in Omeath in 2015, are a public inquiry.

“We will not allow the State to sweep the shooting of Garda Tony Golden and Siobhán Phillips under the rug. Provision of answers in the public interest will not compromise the independence of our criminal justice institutions.

“It is imperative that the Minister commits to finding the answers necessary and ensuring that the rights of victims of domestic violence are protected.” 

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