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Christian Churches’ actions ‘an absolute contradiction to their stated values’ – Brady

8 May, 2017 - by John Brady TD

Sinn Féin TD for Wicklow/East Carlow John Brady has condemned the actions of Christian Churches Ireland and has described them as being in ‘absolute contradiction to their stated values.’

Last Wednesday, Christian Churches Ireland issued eviction notices to thirty men who are currently residing in Carraig Eden, Greystones.

Teachta Brady said:

“I was shocked to learn that Christian Churches Ireland has gone ahead and issued notices to quit to some of the most vulnerable people in our community. All 30 residents of Carraig Eden have completed an 11 month residential rehabilitation programme with Tiglin, some residents having only recently completed the programme. As part of the programme, Carraig Eden plays a critical role as a step down facility and residents can remain there for up to three years receiving the necessary supports from Tiglin.

“Christian Churches describe themselves as being committed to rejoicing in each other’s successes and encouraging in times of difficulties, responding compassionately to real felt needs in society yet, in reality there values appear to be much more financially driven than towards the common good.

“Christian Churches had accepted an offer of €1.7 million from Tiglin with the support of Wicklow County Council last year. It is understood that Christian Churches subsequently accepted an offer of €3 million from a developer which has since fallen through. They now remain intent on selling the property to a private developer for €3 million.

“The unique work carried out by Tiglin on a daily basis has earned it much respect and it is highly regarded in the community.

“Tiglin’s work is proven to be successful and is having a positive impact on many people’s lives with the model used by Tiglin clearly working now however, the actions of Christian Churches is undermining this vital service.

“This is clearly a case of the Christian Churches ignoring this wonderful work and being blinded by the money, something that couldn’t be further from their own stated values underpinning their religious order.

“I am appealing to Christian Churches Ireland to look beyond the money signs; to work together with Wicklow County Council and Tiglin and allow them to make their case to the board of Christian Churches to discuss the best way forward in the interests of everyone involved particularly, the vulnerable people at the heart of this.”

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