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Council to seek legal advice after motion is passed

9 May, 2017 - by Enda Fanning

South Dublin County Council is to seek legal advice after a motion was passed at its May County Council meeting.

The motion, put forward by Sinn Féin Councillor Enda Fanning, proposed a change in the way the Council sought to sell plots of land in its ownership. The motion urged that two valuations for plots of land should be presented to Councillors which would include a valuation for the plot of land as existing & also a valuation for the plot of land after any potential development, where clearly feasible.

While the council voted in favour of the motion, Council management immediately reacted by stating that legal advice would be sought.

Speaking after the Council meeting, Cllr. Fanning said:

“I am not sure why this has now become a legal issue. If the Council proposes a sale of a plot of land, the Council will propose a valuation for that sale of land. That valuation must, by law, include any possible development of that land. The best possible valuation must be proposed.

“My motion proposed that, where relevant, that valuation would be subdivided into two valuations - a valuation of the land, as existing, and a valuation of the land with any development. I simply cannot understand why that will now need legal advice.”  

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