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Joined-up approach required by government to address traffic chaos – Munster

10 May, 2017 - by Imelda Munster TD

Sinn Féin TD and Transport spokesperson Imelda Munster has today criticised the Government and previous governments for the traffic chaos and poor management in the Greater Dublin area, and in regional towns and cities. Speaking this evening in the Dáil, Deputy Munster proposed that Regional Advisory Authorities be established to ensure joined up thinking in future planning of infrastructural projects.

Deputy Munster said:

“Regional Advisory Authorities would be a useful forum to allow for transport planning and management. This will help with rural connectivity and development.  I would like to see planners, local representatives, local authority staff and other interested parties sitting on these authorities, to ensure that entire regions are working together to plan the future of their area. The authorities could then feed information into the National Transport Authority to ensure that planning is informed by joined up thinking across many sectors and regions.

“Along with dreadfully poor and corrupt planning over the years, and a historic lack of foresight, we have suffered from a lack of investment in infrastructure, in particular since the recession. We are decades behind where we should be as a succession of plans were shelved while the country was broke.

“Now we have a situation where the Dublin City Area, regional cities and towns across the state are suffering from an over-reliance on cars, and the result of that is congestion. We need to give serious consideration to creating large Park and Ride car parks near transport links and we need to create space for cyclists and buses to ensure that people can leave the car at home. The government says its policy is to leave cars at home, but it does not facilitate that goal. Shelved projects need to be reconsidered and feasibility studies conducted. We need to invest in infrastructure, especially after a decade of neglect. We also have to ensure that people with disabilities are considered in future plans.

“Dublin and the Greater Dublin Area are at peak capacity now, and the population is growing. We need to see some ambition and vision from the Minister for Transport and the Government. It has been seriously lacking to date.” 

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