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Commission's “head in the sand” approach to future of EU exposed in new document - Carthy

11 May, 2017 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has slammed a paper by the European Commission on the future of the EU, saying it shows that those driving the EU project have their “heads in the sand”.

The Commission document is a follow-on to a White Paper on the Future of the EU issued in March, which envisaged various future scenarios for the European Union.

Matt Carthy said:

“The European Commission’s ‘Reflection Paper on Harnessing Globalisation’ reveals a deeply disturbing lack of vision by those steering the EU project to countenance the wide ranging changes to the Union that are an urgent necessity.

“It blames the unequal effects of globalisation on countries that are less adaptable to competition, and takes a dangerously introspective view of the current political climate.

“This paper demonstrates clearly that the EU project continues to be is driven by neo-liberal who are oblivious to the the crisis the EU now faces.

“The remedy proposed for Europe’s ills is the that which has caused the crisis in the first place - further unrestricted liberalization.

“This document is riddled with hypocrisy and contradictions.

“While arguing against borders, the EU Commission has invested millions of euros into turning refugees away from the EU’s borders.

“The EU Commission is blindly adhering to a neoliberal ideology which makes its aspirations for a global rule book to harness globalisation, particularly in light of the unregulated relationship between the European Commission and tens of thousands of corporate lobbies in Brussels.

“Platitudes in the paper regarding the need for appropriate engagements with NGOs and civil society are laughable in light of legislation which would close the door to NGOs unless they work towards the commercial and security policy objectives of the EU.

“This paper is not about harnessing globalisation. It is about pushing it forward as the only solution to all of the EU’s problems.

“It is a wrong-headed approach and which is in complete contrast to entirely vision of a progressive and social Europe that Sinn Féin envisions.”

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