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Loyalist flags flying sending negative message - O'Donnell

15 May, 2017 - by Mairéad O’Donnell

East Belfast Sinn Féin candidate Mairéad O'Donnell has described the flying of loyalist flags at the Sydenham rail station as intimidatory and provocative.

Mairead O'Donnell said:

“The display of loyalist flags, including a paramilitary emblem at Sydenham rail stop is deliberately provocative and intimidatory, particularly to nationalists who regularly use this line. 

"Given the enormous efforts and resources that we expend on attracting tourists and business people to our city, this sectarian display also sends out an entirely wrong and negative message to these visitors.

"I would urge unionist politicians in East Belfast to speak out against this sectarian behaviour and to act urgently to have these flags removed.” 

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