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Foster fears repeat of DUP losses - Maskey

16 May, 2017 - by Paul Maskey

Arlene Foster should be concerning herself about the 3,475 people who were denied their democratic right to vote at the last election, rather than complaining about the fact that more citizens are applying for postal and proxy votes, Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey has said.

“It’s quite telling that the former First Minister is today lamenting the fact that more citizens are quite legitimately applying for postal and proxy votes yet she doesn’t mention the thousands who were turned away from polling stations at the Assembly election,” he said.

“The Electoral Commission have confirmed that 3,475 people were denied their vote on March 2nd, the highest number of them, more than 400, being in my constituency of West Belfast. That was the direct result of the unfair and undemocratic removal of almost 60,000 people from the electoral register in December last year.

“Arlene Foster is in denial and trying to explain away the fact that people overwhelmingly gave their verdict on the DUP’s arrogance, inequality and involvement in the RHI and Brexit dark money scandals.

“I suspect she would be quite happy for people in nationalist areas to stay off the register because she fears a repeat of that verdict in the Westminster election on June 8th when people will again have the opportunity to have their say.

“I would urge everyone to seize that opportunity by ensuring you are registered to vote before the deadline of May 22nd and this Thursday, May 18th, for postal and proxy applications. You can do this by contacting your local electoral office or Sinn Féin representative.”

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