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Cllr Mark Ward welcomes the return of the Deansrath Dental Services

17 May, 2017 - by Mark Ward

Sinn Fein Councillor Mark Ward had a motion passed in February calling on the Minister for Health Simon Harris to resource the dental treatment of primary school children in the Clondalkin area. It was a policy of the HSE previously to provide dental check-ups in 2nd, 4th and 6th classes. Over the years this service has diminished. Cllr Ward received a letter from the Minister of Health stating the recruitment of dentists and the reopening of the Deansrath Dental Clinic.

Cllr Ward said;

“I warmly welcome the return of the HSE dental service to the Deansrath area. This service will be operating 5 days per week. It is currently clearing the backlog for check-ups of children in 6th Class and will move onto 2nd and 4th classes when this is complete. The priority for the dentists is 6th class as it is the last free HSE check-up before leaving primary school”

“I was disgusted at how primary school children are being treated in Clondalkin in relation to their primary school dental check-ups.  Previously children received dental check-ups in 2nd, 4th and 6th class. Over the years austerity measures seen the 4th class check-ups stopped”

“It was brought to my attention by concerned parents that their children were no longer receiving their 2nd class check-up. I contacted the HSE and made representations on the parent’s behalf. The initial reply I got was quite shocking”

“Not only had 2nd and 4th class check-ups being eradicated but there was a danger that due to lack of dental resources that children will not receive their 6th class check-up”

“Whilst I welcome the response from the Minister in relation to my motion and the return to services in Deansrath ,  I am calling on him to restore the full dental services to Clondalkin immediately including the reopening of the Booth Road Clinic. I am also calling on Simon Harris to fund the long promised Primary Health Care Center in Clondalkin”

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