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Tories ignoring serious implications of Brexit for Ireland - O'Dowd

18 May, 2017 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin Westminster candidate for Upper Bann John O’Dowd has said the current Tory manifesto proves once more that they are “all over the place” in relation to Brexit when it comes to its implications for the island of Ireland. 

The Sinn Féin spokesperson for Brexit said:

“It is clear the Tory government are all over the place when it comes to Brexit and its implications for the island of Ireland. 

“In their manifesto there are a number of contradictions, on one hand they are seeking a special relationship and the other hand seeking a ‘hard’ Brexit.

“They also wish to control immigration but maintain a frictionless border for Ireland north and south. 

“This is contradictory and not achievable.

“It demonstrates a real lack of interest from Theresa May who is intent on ignoring the serious issues that the North and the entire island of Ireland faces through Brexit.  

“Any border which is the result of Brexit is bad for our economy, our people and our business.

“The only way forward for the North to protect its economy and people's jobs is for the North to be granted Special Status within the European Union.” 

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