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New Ireland must be welcoming to unionists and new communities – Mary Lou McDonald

30 May, 2017 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Mary Lou McDonald TD speaking at a Sinn Féin event in Downpatrick tonight said the new Ireland that we create and bequeath to the next generations must be a warm house for our unionist neighbours and for our new communities.

The Dublin Sinn Féin TD said:

“The stagnant politics of the past, politics that is driven by old divisions, that seeks to defend the old status quo now faces vigorous challenge from political progressives, from modernisers, from the energy of this generation. 

“We are very aware that so many of the big ticket issues facing us cannot be crudely characterised as ‘green’ or ‘orange. 

“Rather they are issues for all, issues that defy the sectarian politics of the past and define the political contours for the future. 

“The values of good, honest government, of transparency, of accountability loom large North and South.

“That’s why the RHI scandal is a big deal. That’s why concerns surrounding NAMA, and Project Eagle in particular, cause such public angst.

“The values of equality before the law, of social inclusion, of respect for identity and for diversity are crucial.

“That’s why Acht na Gaeilge is a central electoral issue. That’s why the civil right to equal marriage can no longer be denied. It’s why women and minority groups can no longer be excluded, marginalised or patronised. 

“Brexit looms large because it a real and present danger to our economy, our standard of living and our social provision. It also threatens the GFA. 

“That new Ireland must be a warm house for our Unionist neighbours, for our new communities, a place of opportunity and prosperity, a place where the institutions of state and the law protect civil and religious liberty, where discrimination is confronted, where every citizen breathes the fresh air of liberty.

"That’s the Ireland we dream of, we work for, the Ireland that we will create and bequeath to the next generations.” 

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