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Dutch 'No' would put another nail in the coffin of EU Constitution - Mary Lou McDonald

31 May, 2005

Sinn Féin National Chairperson and MEP for Dublin Mary Lou McDonald has today said that another No vote in the forthcoming referendum in Holland would 'put to rest the argument that somehow the wounded constitution can stagger on'.

Ms McDonald made her comments on the eve of the Dutch referendum and the rejection of the EU Constitution in France last Sunday (29.05.05).

Speaking today Ms McDonald said:

"Those who continue to say that the European Constitution is still alive must seriously re-examine their position. For the Constitution to be ratified, it requires the support of all 25 member states, and this has not happened. If as is likely to happen, the people of Holland reject the document, where will this leave those who want to press on with European integration? If rejected by the Dutch, the notion that the somehow the wounded constitution can stagger on will look even more absurd.

"The Taoiseach's comments that France should re-examine the possibility of re-running the referendum are deeply insulting to the French people. What it does signal is that EU bureaucrats are intent on having referenda in member states run, re-run and run again until they get the result they want. This is something that the Irish people are all too aware of given our experience following the defeat of the Nice Treaty.

"The Irish government have stated that they intend to go ahead with the referendum. Sinn Féin is already up and running in our campaign opposing the constitution which is undemocratic, militaristic and right wing. We are ready for a campaign. However, in light of French rejection and uncertainty in Holland, it is unclear what the government will be proposing to the people. This government needs to explain the status of any future referendum put before the people." ENDS

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