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Trump's withdrawal from Paris Accord damages credibility of USA - Lynn Boylan MEP

1 June, 2017 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP, Lynn Boylan has strongly criticised the withdrawal of the USA from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Speaking from Brussels, the Dublin MEP said;

“It is deeply disturbing, yet hardly surprising, that Donald Trump has decided to backtrack on decades of progress made on climate change. The Paris Accord brought 195 countries together to work collectively to reduce the effects of climate change and it marks one of the greatest examples of international co-operation in human history.

“However, Trump's unilateral action, in an attempt to derail this crucial agreement, displays his complete ignorance to science, facts and what is now considered a self-evident truth.

"The USA is the second largest greenhouse gas polluter in the world. The failure to recognise and address this by the new US administration constitutes a severe weakening of its credibility on the world stage, with ramifications beyond climate change.

“However, in the face of foolishness, Ireland, the EU, China, and the other signatories to the agreement will defy Trump's right-wing agenda and will remain committed to the agreement and to saving our planet.

"We should not lose hope at the decision of the USA to leave this important accord. China and India are already achieving reductions of emission surpassing their targets and other world leaders are now even more resolute on climate change than ever.

“The USA is no longer the keystone it once was to international agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol. And of course, with continued activism and public engagement, the USA can be redirected to the right side of history."


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