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Political populism has no place in road safety legislation – Munster

14 June, 2017 - by Imelda Munster TD

Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Transport Imelda Munster TD has expressed her disappointment at the cynical attitudes expressed by members of the Oireachtas Transport Committee during the pre-legislative scrutiny process for the Road Traffic (Fixed Penalty Notice – Drink Driving) Bill 2017.

The proposed legislation seeks to amend legislation to change the penalties associated with drink driving to ensure that all drivers caught driving over the legal limit receive a period of disqualification.

Speakign today, Teachta Munster said:

“This is very important legislation which has the potential to save lives. Some members, though not all, say that they are supportive of the principal intention of the proposed legislation, which is to save lives, yet they do not appear to be supportive of its implementation.

“This is straightforward legislation. We have heard from both sides of the debate, and I think all political parties should support the proposal to make our roads safer for everyone, because it’s the right thing to do.

“This seems like a cynical delaying tactic for political reasons. The matter was discussed this morning at the Transport Committee in private session, when in fact it should have been discussed in public session.

“One member of the Committee was vocally against supporting the principal intention of the proposed legislation, which is to save lives on our roads.

“It’s frightening to think that for some members, a vote might be more important than a life.”

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