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Most recent SVP report shows that Ireland under Varadkar will be business as usual - Devine

14 June, 2017 - by Máire Devine

After yesterday’s pre-budget submission by St. Vincent de Paul, Senator Máire Devine has asserted that little change will come under Leo Varadkar as Taoiseach.

Speaking after the pre-budget submission launch by St. Vincent de Paul, Senator Devine said;

“This submission by SVP that wants to begin ‘Bridging the Gap’ highlights again systemic failure of Minister Varadkar and the entire government in addressing the serious issues of social protection facing across this island.

“The statistics of this government’s ‘successes’ are appalling. 2,700 children homeless, 145% increase in the proportion of people who cannot afford to adequately heat their home, rising cost of living and growing inequality.  The Minister of Social Protection should hang his head in shame. This is a track record that cannot be justified whatsoever.

“The budget priorities in this submission mirror many Sinn Féin policies. We have also argued that the government must build and acquire affordable quality social housing as means of combatting the ongoing housing and homelessness crisis.

“We have called for an independent report into lone parent social welfare in which its findings would be followed upon and implemented.  We have continuously introduced policies and legislation that would reduce the financial burden placed on low income households.

“While Fine Gael bluster over Leo Varadkar, who stood over a shambolic display of ‘social protection’ during his time as Minister, we need to continue to listen to the organisations who deal with such issues face first, whose real-life experiences created this submission.

“While Leo and his colleagues are show boating, we will continue to work with grassroot groups like SVP and listen to what they are telling us.  The community knows best”

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