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2 days left in auction for MI5 Bug

2 June, 2005

TD claims exercise was a success in shining light on Britain's sinister 'security' elements.

Speaking from the Party's head office in Dublin where the MI5 Bug has been on display for the last week and with only one day remaining in the auction Sinn Féin TD Seán Crowe said:

"Sinn Féin undertook this auction of an MI5 Bug to shine a light on the sinister and fundamentally anti-democratic activities of Britain's so-called security services in Ireland. Judging by the massive response we have received to date, and the fact that the latest bid stands at US$6000 our main objective in the exercise has been achieved. Interest in the item has come from all over the globe -- from as far away as the US and Australia as well as locally.

"There is no doubt that the discovery of this device and other similar devices in recent times has caused embarrassment for these agencies and the auction has obviously added to that. However the fact remains that they are continuing with their operations in Ireland and this is unacceptable as we try to move forward in the time ahead." ENDS

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