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Those claiming majority vote not sufficient to deliver United Ireland are wrong - Carthy

24 June, 2017 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Matt Carthy has said that those who are saying that a majority vote in favour of a United Ireland is not sufficient to bring that objective about are wrong and that the Good Friday Agreement is very clear on this point.

Addressing the ‘An Agreed Future’ conference in Belfast today, Matt Carthy said:“The Good Friday Agreement is specific and unambiguous on this point. It is clear that a 50%-plus-one vote will secure unity. But, let’s not have it so close. “We should work together to convince the greatest possible number of people across Ireland that Unity is in their best interest.  “And let us convince those who think otherwise that they have nevertheless nothing to fear from the outcome of a referendum. He challenged Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the SDLP to start engaging with Sinn Féin on the issue:“For our part Sinn Féin understands that we cannot win a United Ireland campaign without the support of other pro-unity parties. They, likewise, need to recognise that Irish Unity won’t happen without Sinn Féin. “We will happily challenge, debate and argue with those parties on most current political, social economic issues - in many cases we will have fundamental disagreements.   “But, on the biggest issue before our people - that of the reunification of our country - we apparently agree.  “So, why not work together in the knowledge that it is only by doing so that we have any prospect of delivering it.The Midlands North West MEP said Brexit and the election results demonstrate an urgent need for an inclusive, constructive debate on the future. “This must include constitutional options and what a United Ireland might look like. “Unionist representatives also need to be involved in that debate. They need to influence it.

“They cannot remain aloof from this discussion. Attempting to do so amounts merely to head-in-the-sand politics and does nothing to serve the interests of the people unionist parties claim to represent.”

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