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O’Neill expresses frustration at DUP stance

3 July, 2017 - by Michelle O'Neill

Michelle O’Neill MLA, Sinn Féin leader in the North, has expressed her “deep frustration at the DUP’s constant blocking of agreement on the rights and equality issues at the heart of the current crisis”.

Ms O’Neill said:

“At the end of another exasperating day I have to say that I am deeply frustrated by the DUP’s refusal to deliver on basic rights and equality issues.

“The DUP continue to block rights which are routinely available everywhere else on these islands.

“What’s wrong with expecting equality for young people who wish to speak and live their lives through the Irish language.

“What’s wrong with two people of the same sex wanting to marry and spend their lives together.

 “What’s wrong with families expecting access to inquests 45 years after their loved ones were killed.

“These are the rights that the DUP continues to deny citizens in this state.

“And which their Tory partners tolerate.

“That is unacceptable. That is why we do not have sustainable institutions. That is why we do not have an agreement.

“If as the DUP claim this is a shopping list then it is a shopping list I am proud of.”

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