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Clueless Tories a Threat to Ireland - O'Dowd

12 July, 2017 - by John O'Dowd

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Brexit John O’ Dowd has said the British Government is clueless in its approach to Brexit negotiations with senior members of the Tory cabinet more interested in jockeying for the Prime Minster’s post than taking on the herculean task of Brexit.

Mr O’Dowd said:

"Let me be clear if the people of England and Wales wish to leave the European Union good luck to them but the fact remains the people of the North voted to remain and we should be allowed to remain.

“The comedy sketch which is Boris Johnson or the eternal optimist without answers David Davis are making a mess of the Brexit negotiations which in turn is making a bad situation worse for the people of the North and the entire Island of Ireland.

“Observers only have to listen to European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier to hear the glaring proficiency gap between the two sides. 

"Barnier has set in clear terms there is no such thing as frictionless border outside the Customs Union or the Single European Market, there is no better option for third countries. The best option is EU membership.

"As Barnier has stated, the clock is ticking and as the seconds minutes and hours tick away the island of Ireland is heading towards economic ruin, with a hard border and the democratic wishes of the people both in terms of the Good Friday Agreement and the EU referendum being ignored by a self serving British Government."

In conclusion Mr O’Dowd said:

“Time is running out and the Irish Government must stand up to the British Government's incompetence and demand designated Special status within the EU for the North. 

"We cannot and should not rely on the EU safe guarding our national interests, in the past the EU's interest were not ours and the Irish Government have the duty to defend the interests of the people of Ireland.

“The island of Ireland remainig within the EU is the only solution the to fast approaching disaster.

"No longer can the democratic rights of citizens here be sacrificed on the altar of Tory incompetence." 

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