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Comment on Police Ombudsman Report into tragic death of Ciaran Connolly

13 June, 2005

Sinn Féin Cllr Brian Mc Mahon, the Chair of Strabane District Council says that the people of Strabane want to see justice done for the family of Ciaran Connolly who was tragically killed by the vehicle gate of Strabane PSNI station over two years ago.

Speaking following the release of the Police Ombudsman's Report into his death the local Council Chair said,

"The people of Strabane want to see full justice for the Connolly family to ensure that their grieving is not compounded in any way.

"While the Police Ombudsman‚s Report into the tragic death of Ciaran provides some answers into what happened at the gate of Strabane PSNI station on that night there is a general scepticism among townspeople as to the conclusions of the Report.

"In particular, people are shocked at the revelation that this terrible tragedy could have been prevented if reported faults with the safety mechanisms of the gate had of been rectified.

"People are of the view that if this gross negligence had of happened in any other walk that someone would have been held accountable. For example, someone somewhere must have given the order for the gate‚s safety mechanisms to be deactivated, as no one would have been able to carry out such work at such a heavily fortified base without receiving prior authorization.

"However, the most important thing is that the Connolly family receive all the answers that they need so that they can begin to come to terms with the tragic loss of Ciaran. ENDS

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