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SDLP slammed over A5 scaremongering

25 July, 2017 - by Catherine Kelly

Daniel McCrossan should check his facts before scaremongering over the A5 road project, Sinn Féin MLA Catherine Kelly has said.

“In his latest plea for Sinn Féin to go back into an Executive at any cost, SDLP MLA Daniel McCrossan has been scaremongering over the future of the A5 road project,” she commented.

“His claim that the lack of an Executive is putting the project at risk simply isn’t true, as the very letter he received from the Department of Infrastructure actually confirms and Daniel conveniently ignores. But even if that was the case, he neglects to say which group of citizens he is willing to discriminate against in order to get back into an Executive on the DUP’s terms.

“He also clearly didn’t check his facts with the department because the money which he claims has been ‘cut’ from the A5 hasn’t been cut at all. It has been re-profiled in line with the state of preparedness on that particular stretch of road. That simply means the money will be spent at a later point, which is quite a common scenario in projects of this scale.

“So, point-scoring and scaremongering aside, Daniel can rest assured that the entirety of the A5 budget remains in place.”

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