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DUP need to stop throwing rattle out of the pram and face up to the harsh consequences of a hard Brexit - David Cullinane TD

30 July, 2017 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Fein Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Brexit Deputy David Cullinane has called on the DUP to stop throwing their rattle out of the pram and face up to the harsh consequences of a hard Brexit. 

Deputy Cullinane said there is no good Brexit for Ireland and that the DUP is failing citizens in the North.

Responding to comments from the DUP’s Nigel Dodds this evening Deputy Cullinane said;

"The DUP joined with the British Tories and signed up to Brexit. This is bad for Ireland, North and South. The people who have been inconsistent and incoherent when it comes to Brexit is the British Government. This is a mess created by a Tory Government, supported by the DUP with disastrous consequences for Ireland. 

"The Irish Government has a special responsibility to stand up for the interests of all people in Ireland and to safeguard international agreements and the peace process. The best way for an Irish Government to do this is to support Sinn Fein's call for a special designated status for the North within the EU.

"The DUP strategy is to give a blank cheque to the British Government and the hard Brexiteers. Nigel Dodds knows well that an EU border on the island of Ireland would be disastrous for cross border trade and the all-Island economy. Mr Dodds would be better served dealing with the negative consequences of a hard Brexit rather than throwing his rattle out of the pram.”


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