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Government need to outline plan to bring Ibrahim home - Lynn Boylan MEP

6 August, 2017 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP, Lynn Boylan has called for the Irish Government to set out its strategy for bringing Ibrahim Halawa home.
Speaking from Dublin, Ms Boylan said
“Today is Ibrahim’s 31st trial date. The Irish Government refuse to intervene while the trial is ongoing and instead issue platitudes about how the trial is progressing. This only serves to letigimise a trial process that does not even pretend to measure up to International standards. 
“Strong on soundbites but short on strategy, the Irish government have not outlined just how they intend to ensure that Ibrahim is released if found guilty alongside the 493 other defendants.
“Has Leo Varadkar even spoke to President Sisi since he took over as Taoiseach?  Has he sought assurances from Sisi in writing that he will stand over his earlier promise to release Ibrahim when the trial concludes?
“We also must ask the question is An Taoiseach Varadkar prepared to stick to this non-interventionist strategy indefinitely even if the trial process continues for several more months?
“Ibrahim was not mentioned even once in the evidence presented by the prosecution and their witnesses. His defence lawyer had one day to make his arguments and has done so and we are still no clearer as to when this farce trial will conclude.
“Some defence lawyers are seeking to delay the trial, understandably, as they know their defendants will definitely face lengthy sentences or even the death penalty. The Summer break is about to kick in and then there is the possibility that the Judge could be changed in September as has happened before, further delaying the process.

“Are the Irish Government content to let Ibrahim remain in prison indefinitely or will they at some point draw a line and at the very least demand his bail?  It is simply not good enough that Varadkar roll out the 'lets wait till the trial concludes' mantra, we need to know that the Irish Government have a plan."

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