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Irish Government must defend the national interest in Brexit – David Cullinane TD

7 August, 2017 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Brexit David Cullinane TD writting in the has called on the Irish government to act in the national interest and secure special designated status for the North within the EU.

The Waterford TD welcomed the Taoiseach’s recent commitment for the need to avoid a hard border and to keep the free movement of people and goods post-Brexit, on a par with current arrangements.

Speaking today, Teachta Cullinane said;

 “Brexit and the imposition of an EU Frontier across Ireland has the potential to undermine the Good Friday Agreement and the progress of the past 20 years, but also the future economic prosperity of our Island.

“Brexit was always about the needs of the Tory party. Its impact on Ireland was never considered.

“The British government is pressing ahead with Brexit in the full knowledge that it is incompatible with the Good Friday Agreement. And they are doing so with the full parliamentary political support of the DUP.

 “The people of the North have already spoken, they voted to remain within the EU in June 2016. This democratically expressed view of the cross-community majority who consented to Remain must be respected.

“The Tories and the DUP are refusing to listen to them. They are pressing ahead against the wishes of the majority of parties and the interests of citizens in the North.

 “Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Irish Government to defend the national interests of its citizens and work with all those parties that represent the majority of voters to ensure that the vote in the North is respected.

 “In order for the whole island to stay in the EU together, Designated Special Status within the EU for the North is vital. That is the position agreed in the Dáil, that is the position of the cross party committee on the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

“This would ensure that an EU border is not imposed across Ireland. It would ensure continued access to the European Court of Justice and safeguard the rights of Irish citizens’ premised on the European Convention of Human Rights.

“In this they will have the support of all parties in the Dáil, and will deliver a solution for the whole nation, our people, and the economy."

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