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Broadband speeds reflect Government failure to address need for investment in rural communities – Brian Stanley TD

8 August, 2017 - by Brian Stanley TD

Sinn Féin Spokesperson on Communications Brian Stanley TD has branded the horrifically slow broadband speeds in the State as another chapter to a growing volume of abject failure on behalf of the government.

Teachta Stanley said:
“We have one of the slowest broadband speeds in Europe. We are 21 out 25 EU member States in terms of broadband speeds, behind Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia and Jersey. I raised the issue of our slow broadband speeds in comparison to other OECD countries as far back as February 2012, and the government are still failing to tackle this issue.

“The news comes on top of the recent announcement of further delays in roll out of the National Broadband Plan.

“Communications such as broadband need to be seen not only as a basic service but also as a means to encourage social and economic development, particularly in rural regions where the costs of providing broadband are higher than in urban areas.
“By investing in rural broadband services, the State would allow for people from these communities to further participate in society as well as helping to reduce social exclusion by overcoming the digital divide between rural and urban communities.
“A lack of high speed broadband is one of the key issues being raised by rural area SMEs, with many citing they still rely on dial-up systems.
“We need to get this right with the best technology and with a vision for the great benefit a modern communications system actually has on people’s lives.
“If this government is in any way serious about job creation in rural areas and of developing Ireland beyond the M50, it cannot neglect the basic of communications."

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