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Extra Cath Lab for Galway raises serious questions about the Government's commitment to the South East - David Cullinane TD

10 August, 2017 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Fein TD for Waterford Deputy David Cullinane has said serious questions need to be asked as to how University Hospital Galway is in line for a fourth Cath Lab and yet University Hospital Waterford faces a battle to secure a much needed second Lab to enable 24/7 emergency cardiac care. He said he has written to the Minister for Health seeking clarity on the issue.

Speaking today Deputy Cullinane said:

"It is extraordinary, if true, that University Hospital Galway is in line for a fourth Cath Lab and yet UHW faces a battle for an additional Lab to allow for full emergency cardiac care for the region.

"The Taoiseach spoke recently about his commitment to Waterford. He said the City and County would not be left behind. These are fine words but he and his Government will be judged by his actions.

"It is difficult to understand how the South East is deprived of safe and accessible emergency cardiac care while additional services are allocated elsewhere. I am sure the case for additional services in Galway are justified but so also is the case for the South East.

"I have written to the Minister for Health seeking an early meeting in September to see how the national review into cardiac care will commence.

Commenting on political promises on this issue Deputy Cullinane said:

"The people of the South East have had a belly full of promises on delivery of cardiac care. Any local politician or potential candidate who promises to deliver upon being elected need to spell out exactly how this will be achieved.

"I have never sought to deceive people or act in a disingenuous way on this issue. It is far to important for political game playing. It is beyond cynical for people to make simplistic promises that cannot be met.

"A second Cath Lab and provision of 24/7 PPCI at UHW will be delivered by a change of policy. This is why I am focused on the national review and ensuring that the terms of reference are fair and that it is truly Independent.

"I will call out any attempt to stack the cards against the justifiable demand for enhanced services for the South East. I will equally call out local politicians or potential election candidates who make promises they cannot keep. The people of Waterford have been here before and have seen through such promises."

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