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McGuinness comments after Sean Brown murder reconstruction

16 June, 2005

Commenting after the BBC Crimewatch reconstruction of the murder of Sean Brown Sinn Féin Mid-Ulster MP Martin McGuinness said:

"I would like to pay tribute to Sean Brown's family who have refused to accept the lies and the half truths. They demanded to know the truth and they have pursued this matter relentlessly over the past seven years.

"It is my hope that last nights programme can act as a catalyst to allow the family of Sean Brown to finally discover the truth around his murder.

"I have always held the belief that the murder of Sean Brown ten days after the 1997 Westminster election was a direct response by the unionist paramilitaries to the DUP MP Willie McCrea losing his seat.

"The report by the Police Ombudsman into the murder was a damning indictment of the policy of collusion and cover up. Files missing from a number of barracks, no effort to apprehend the killers, the family treated with contempt and the former RUC and PSNI Chief Ronnie Flanagan ignoring a request from the Coroner John Leckey for an outside investigation.

"There remains an onus on the current PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde to state publicly if the individuals involved in the original investigation are still members of his force and to explain how files went missing from barracks where only his officers had access to them. He has so far refused to do this.

"Sinn Féin will continue to support absolutely the Brown family in their campaign for truth and justice and I would urge all others to do likewise." ENDS

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