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Thorough investigation required into state collusion with Glenanne Gang – Dillon

28 August, 2017 - by Linda Dillon

Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon today said today there needs to be a thorough investigation into collusion between the British state and the loyalist Glenanne Gang.

The party’s Victims and Survivors spokesperson was speaking after comments in today’s Irish News by a former RUC man and member of the loyalist gang, which killed more than 100 people.

Linda Dillon said:

“The comments by former RUC man John Weir that MI5 and the RUC Special Branch actively colluded with the Glenanne Gang comes just weeks after Justice Seamus Treacy found the PSNI had failed to conduct a thorough investigation of wholesale British state collusion with this death squad.

“The Glenanne gang was responsible for more than 100 murders, mostly of nationalist civilians, in Armagh and Tyrone, as well as being involved in the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

“The British state has continually sought to deny and delay the truth about the role of its armed forces in running murder gangs during the conflict. 

“This continuous refusal to take responsibility for its actions is unacceptable and adds to the pain and suffering of the victims. 

“Justice Treacy has called for an overarching thematic review of the allegations of collusion with the state by the PSNI.

“In the light of the comments by John Weir in today’s Irish News there is a greater onus than ever on the PSNI to come back to the courts and set out how it intends to address the families’ concerns.” 

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