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Francie Molloy MP calls out 'anti-equality axis' at Cairde AGM

30 August, 2017 - by Francie Molloy

Sinn Féin Francie Molloy MP called for continued support and solidarity this weekend at the Cairde na hÉireann AGM, stating 'unity' was needed to defeat the 'anti-equality' axis of the DUP and Tories.

Addressing the AGM, the MP for Mid Ulster said:

"Cairde na hÉireann does invaluable work in advancing the cause of Irish self-determination and equality within the Irish diaspora community in Scotland. 

"As I commend you on your tireless efforts, it must be clear that more work is needed from us to tackle the right-wing DUP and Tory alliance.

"Sinn Féin and Cairde na hÉireann stand for economic and social equality for all citizens and we will continue to work towards this end together."

Mr Molloy concluded by saying that Sinn Féin and Cairde work to bring a voice to the Irish diaspora:

"The Irish have experienced racism and xenophobia throughout the years so we stand unequivocally with other migrant communities now facing the brunt of right-wing hostility and discrimination.

"We seek to empower and enfranchise the Irish community abroad and give a voice to the Irish diaspora. We are the only political party which supports votes for the Irish abroad in Presidential, referendum, and Dáil elections.”

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