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Sinn Féin delegation meets with British Labour Shadow Secretary of State to Discuss Brexit

6 September, 2017 - by Paul Maskey

Following a meeting between a Sinn Féin delegation and Labour MP Owen Smith, the British Shadow Secretary of State to the north of Ireland, West Belfast MP Paul Maskey has said engagement on a range of key issues was positive.

Paul Maskey MP said:

“Our discussions focused on the announcement from British Labour Party that they will consider remaining in the Customs Union and the Single Market during the Brexit process.

"This approach has the potential to mitigate against some of disastrous consequences Ireland faces as a result of Brexit and the imposition of an EU Frontier across Ireland .

"While we welcome this move by Labour, much more must be done to protect the social and economic fortunes of the people of Ireland, in line with their vote to remain with the EU.

"We raised the fundamental need to safeguard the Good Friday Agreement as part of the Brexit negotiations and the Labour party's approach to the Tory proposals.

 "We made a clear the urgent case for Designated Special Status for the north of Ireland within the EU.

"We also discussed the ongoing Stormont talks process, and the DUP continued discrimination of Irish language speakers, our LBGTQ community, and families of victims of state murder.

cleardot.gif“We hope to continue this constructive engagement in the future.”

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