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Rights protections abandoned in Tory Brexit Bill - Hazzard

7 September, 2017 - by Chris Hazzard

Chris Hazzard MP has criticised the British government’s ​contempt for rights protections following today's Brexit Bill debate in Westminster.

Citing ​an evident hostility to protections guaranteed by European courts, Chris Hazzard made an urgent case for Designated Special Status within the EU.

The South Down MP said:

“T​oday's debate in Westminster revealed the Tories' and DUP's deep-seeded contempt for rights protections​ guaranteed by the European Court of Human Rights, EU Charter of Fundamental Rights and the European Court of Justice.

“T​he power grab in the Tory Brexit Bill puts at risk safeguards for workers, human rights, the environment, and those enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement.

“This legislation from the right-wing Tory-DUP pact would give the British government the power to undermine the Good Friday Agreement.​

“​At a time when DUP discrimination is blocking the restoration of the institutions of the Good Friday Agreement, this Bill reveals a flagrant disregard for the rights and livelihoods of Irish citizens, north and south.

“The EU has expressed serious concerns over the British government's disregard for Ireland and their imposition of an EU frontier on this island, arguing for a unique status for the north.

“In today’s Brexit Bill debate in Westminster this disregard was evident.

"Sinn Féin will continue our campaign for Designated Special Status within the EU."

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