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Taoiseach will not do what is required to end crises in housing and health - Gerry Adams TD

15 September, 2017 - by Gerry Adams

Responding to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's interview on RTÉ Morning Ireland, Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD said "it is clear that the Taoiseach will not do what is required to end the crises in housing and health."

Teachta Adams continued;

"The Taoiseach is big on sounding positive without backing it up with concrete policy decisions to tackle these never-ending scandals. It is breathtakingly arrogant for the Taoiseach to say that he wants an Ireland in which 'everybody can be the best person they can be' while pursuing policies which have led nearly 3,000 children into homelessness.

"The Taoiseach either hasn't grasped the scale of these crises or he simply doesn't understand the devastating impact they are having on ordinary people. The government needs to deliver a massive social and affordable housing programme. It must provide the resources needed to ensure that citizens have access to timely care in our hospitals. These are the issues that Sinn Féin will prioritise in our alternative budget proposals.

 "Much less hollow talk and much more meaningful action is what is needed from the Taoiseach."

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