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For reconstruction we must remember, and for reconciliation we must forgive – McDonald

25 September, 2017 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Speaking at a commemoration in Strabane yesterday to remember Tyrone volunteers Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald set out Sinn Féin’s commitment to political institutions in the north that deliver in the manner and terms agreed since the Good Friday Agreement.

The Dublin Central TD said:

“Republicans fought for a just and peaceful society for all who share this island. That is what Martin Mc Guinness dedicated his life to. Outreach, generosity and patience were his hallmark.  When the barriers to progress became immovable he called time on the DUP.

"For the value of the institutions lies in their ability to deliver in manner and terms agreed since 1998. That is the Sinn Féin objective in the current Talks. Citizens expect no less.  

“We want to end the segregation and separation. We hold no truck for sectarianism, sexism, racism or any other 'ism' that preserves inequality. A just and peaceful society must be a reconciled society. 

"Republicans have the same right as any other section of the community to remember our loved ones. The conflict was brutal as conflict is. There were losses and hurt on all sides. We cannot and we will not shy away from that truth. For the sake of reconstruction we must remember, and for the sake of reconciliation we must forgive.

“We must have partners in the process. Unionism and the British government must end their policy of prevarication, of inequality and the denial of rights. They must honour previous agreements. They must seek to resolve the issues of the past and not refight them. 

"The people are demanding more of all of us. Democracy must be respected and delivered on.”

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