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Progressives across Europe must defend rights for Irish citizens - Maskey

25 September, 2017 - by Paul Maskey

Paul Maskey MP has called on the support of progressives in Britain and throughout Europe to respect the right of the north of Ireland to remain in the EU.

Speaking at the Momentum conference 'The World Transformed', the West Belfast MP called for unity among progressives to stand up for citizens' rights and the peace process in Ireland.

Paul Maskey said:

“In the Brexit referendum, the majority of the people of the north or Ireland (56%) voted to remain in the EU. Despite being critical of many aspects of the EU, Sinn Féin campaigned to remain.

“Brexit will be a disaster for Ireland, socially and economically. The obsessive attacks on EU rights protections from the British government threaten to undermine safeguards for workers, human rights, the environment and the Good Friday Agreement.

"Imposing an external EU frontier across the island of Ireland would not only be immensely damaging, it would also be impossible to create and maintain.

"The British are walking away from the EU. That is their democratic right.

"But it is equally the right of the people of the north of Ireland to remain in the EU.

"And we are looking for support from progressives across Britain and Europe to respect the vote to remain, citizens’ rights in Ireland and the peace process.

"Sinn Féin will continue to stand in solidarity with the labour movement in Britain to help them resist the attacks on their democratic and social rights.”

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