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Adams - Parades Commission must stand up to threats

22 June, 2005

West Belfast MP Gerry Adams today urged the Parades Commission to stand firm in the face of threats from the Orange Order and others and ensure that the decision which they have taken regarding this weekends Whiterock parade is not reversed.

Mr Adams said:

"Nationalists on the Springfield Road have made strenuous efforts in recent years to find a resolution to the parading issue in that area. Last year the Parades Commission caved into threats of violence from the Orange Order and unionist paramilitaries and reversed their original decision to prevent the Orangemen from parading through the nationalist part of the Springfield Road.

"The Orange Order and prominent unionist politicians have begun the sabre rattling and initiated a campaign to intimidate the Commission into backing down and reversing the original decision.

"This campaign cannot be allowed to succeed again this year. It is important that the Parades Commission make it clear to the Orange Order that they will not be intimidated and they will not bow down in the face of intimidation and threats.

"The Parades Commission decision to allow the parade to proceed onto the Springfield Road through the Mackies site allows the parade to proceed with minimal disruption to the host community and the Orangemen themselves. This decision must not be tampered with or reversed by the Parades Commission in the coming days." ENDS

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