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Theresa May is not a commentator or a disinterested observer – Murphy

28 September, 2017 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy said tonight that Theresa May’s government has a responsibility to implement its commitments under the Good Friday and other agreements.

Responding to the British Prime Minister tonight Conor Murphy said that Theresa May is not some sort of commentator or disinterested observer and that the British government's failure to honour its commitment on legacy and the Irish Language had contributed to the political crisis.

 The Newry Armagh MLA said:

 “A restored Assembly and Executive is only sustainable and tenable if it is based on fairness, respect and equality. 

"Theresa May is not a commentator or a disinterested observer of the political process.

 “The British Prime Minister has continued to support the DUP’s denial of basic rights on language, marriage and the right to a coroner’s inquest, which are protected in England, Scotland, Wales and the rest of Ireland. 

“The denial of these rights would not be tolerated elsewhere on these islands and should not be tolerated here.

"The British government's failure to honour its commitments on legacy and an Irish Language Act had contributed to the current political crisis.

"If Theresa May wants to play a positive role in the restoration of the political institutions then she should act with the rigorous impartiality required by the Good Friday Agreement and implement previous agreements and commitments.”

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