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PSNI facilitate unionist paramilitaries to erect flags in Dunmurray

22 June, 2005

Lagan Valley Sinn Féin Representative Cllr. Paul Butler has expressed his outrage after unionist paramilitaries began erecting flags tonight in Dunmurray village. Cllr. Butler has been contacted by a number of nationalists in the area angered at tonight's events.

Cllr. Butler said:

"This evening unionist paramilitaries began erecting flags in Dunmurray village. This included the section of road directly outside the PSNI barracks.

"A local nationalist contacted the PSNI and complained about the flags being erected and the fact that the PSNI were refusing to do anything about it. The resident's complaints were dismissed by the PSNI in the barracks and he was informed that no action would be taken.

"Tonight's decision by unionist paramilitaries to bedeck the Dunmurray area in flags follows hot on the heels of the decision of their political masters in Lisburn Council to fly the Union Jack 365 days of the year in the village. Lisburn Council effectively gave a blank cheque to those who have plastered Dunmurray in flags this evening to intimidate and threaten nationalists in the area.

"I have been contacted this evening by a number of residents of Dunmurray angered both at the erection of the flags and also at the decision of the PSNI to sit back and admire the handiwork of local paramilitaries intimidating the small nationalist community who live there." ENDS

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