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UDR Commander's appointment to PSNI sends out entirely the wrong signal

23 June, 2005

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Policing issues Gerry Kelly today said that the decision to appoint a former UDR Commander David Strudley to the head up training within the PSNI sent out completely the wrong signal to those who wish to see an acceptable policing service created in the six counties.

Mr Kelly said:

"To date both the Oversight Commissioner and the Human Rights Commission have criticised the current PSNI training regime. The appointment of former UDR commander David Strudley will hardly inspire confidence within the broad nationalist community in particular that these inadequacies are going to be dealt with.

"The UDR was little more than a unionist militia with a long history of involvement in collusion with unionist paramilitaries and indeed directly in the deaths of nationalists and republicans, including public representatives.

"The UDR and RUC represent a failed policing past based upon repression and violence. Our focus has been on creating an acceptable policing service which can enjoy the support of the community it serves. Involving an individual with a UDR past in such a senior position sends out entirely the wrong signal." ENDS

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