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Nobody is impressed with the Taoiseach party political point scoring on the North - Gerry Adams TD

4 October, 2017 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD has said "nobody is impressed with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar's party political point scoring when it comes to the North."

Teachta Adams continued;

"Last week when Teachta Mary Lou McDonald asked the Taoiseach entirely legitimate questions regarding the political situation in the North, he used his response simply to have a go at Sinn Féin.

“He said ‘is it any wonder that the people of Northern Ireland do not have an Executive or any Assembly? It is because this is the attitude of Sinn Féin.’

“I’m sure the Taoiseach, on mature reflection, knows that this an untruthful claim.

Mr Adams also highlighted how the Taoiseach employed the same tactic when he questioned him today about the unavailability of the drug Translarna;

“Similarly, this morning, when I raised the sad story of little boys denied Translarna in this state, Teachta Varadkar referred to the non-availability on another drug, Orkambi, in the North.

“I campaigned for Orkambi here and in the North.

Speaking directly to the Taoiseach in the Dáil, Teachta Adams said;

“I am sure that the parents of those little boys are not impressed. I think you have fallen into the Enda Kenny trap.

“Enda, all the time, as others do in the Dáil, cast up issues in the North, which had nothing to do with the issues that are raised.

“As Taoiseach you need to rise above this instinct. I wish you well as Taoiseach. There are big challenges on all of these matters.

“Whatever you say about the North doesn’t affect me personally. I’m trying to give you good, honest advice as someone who spends at least one or two days in the North and who was last week, at the same time as you were making those remarks to Teachta McDonald assisting Michelle O’Neill in trying to get the process back on track.

“So it's no matter to me personally. I just think its good advice to you as Taoiseach.”

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