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Hillsborough protest at Internment of Sean Kelly

24 June, 2005

Sinn Féin North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly speaking at the Free Sean Kelly Campaign protest outside the Hillsborough Castle residence of the British Secretary of State has said that Peter Hain would have some distance to go before he could prove to nationalists and republicans that he was capable of standing up to the anti peace process securocrats within his own system.

Mr Kelly said:

"The malicious determination of the British Secretary of State Peter Hain to bow to the insatiable demands of rejectionist unionists and securocrats within his own system in the decision to intern Sean Kelly last weekend suggests to nationalists and republicans that Peter Hain is unwilling or incapable of standing up to the very securocrats and spooks that he was once a victim of himself.

"Peter Hain should know that if progress is to be made then history tells us that these faceless individuals have to be faced down and their anti peace process agenda defeated. Given the record of Peter Hain so far and in particular his action around Sean Kelly he has some distance to travel before he will persuade nationalists and republicans that he is capable of carrying out this task.

"The fact that Sean Kelly will not be in a position to defend himself against baseless accusations made by faceless securocrats because he will not have access to the information that was used to intern him is clearly unjust and unfair. It only serves as a reminder of the flaws within the approach of the British government to justice in Ireland, particularly when it comes to republicans.

"Hidden unaccountable accusations by Special Branch And their ilk in the secret intelligence world was supposed to be a thing of the past. So was internment without trial." ENDS

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