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Hazzard meets senior British Labour representatives over Brexit

10 October, 2017 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin’s Chris Hazzard MP has today met with senior British Labour party representatives to discuss the potential impact of Brexit in Ireland, in what he called a series of ‘important and constructive engagements’.

Speaking following meetings with Kier Starmer MP (British Shadow Brexit Secretary), Hillary Benn MP (Chair of Brexit Select Committee) and Jenny Chapman MP (Shadow Brexit Minister), Hazzard said:

“Today while the Westminster Parliament continues to ignore the democratic will of the people of the north to remain in the EU, it is important that senior political figures are aware of their concerns and the impact of Brexit on their lives.

“I am determined to take every opportunity to highlight the catastrophic and divisive effects of Brexit on Ireland, and today I have made the case of Designated Special Status for the north of Ireland within the EU.

"There is a growing consensus that Special Status is required for the north. The notable exception to this is the British government, who has buried its heads in the sand.

"Today I also met with Chloe Smith MP, Conservative Under-Secretary in the north of Ireland, and pointed out the stark reality that Brexit is a disaster for Ireland and for the Irish people north and south. 

"Tomorrow, Sinn Féin MPs will be in Brussels making the same arguments. Sinn Féin MPs will continue to oppose Brexit and actively represent the interests of our constituents in Dublin, Brussels and in London".

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