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Sinn Féin MPs travel to Brussels for Brexit engagements

12 October, 2017 - by Paul Maskey

This week the seven Sinn Féin MPs travelled to Brussels for Brexit related engagements, and the European Citizens Prize Awards ceremony at which Border Communities Against Brexit were honoured.

Speaking from the European Parliament, Paul Maskey MP spoke of the impact of the Sinn Féin visit:

"The seven Sinn Féin MPs travelled to Brussels to engage in a series of meetings with European officials and with the Constitutional Affairs Committee at which we raised the disastrous impact of Brexit for Ireland.

"As MPs we are making the case in Dublin, in Brussels and in London for Designated Special Status for the north within the EU.

"I also want to congratulate Border Communities Against Brexit for their ongoing efforts to raise awareness of the entirely negative impact of Brexit in Ireland.

"To be awarded the European Citizens Prize for this work is a remarkable achievement.

"I call on everyone to get involved in civic campaigns of this kind to draw the attention of Europe, and the world, to the economic and social challenges posed by Brexit."

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