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Sinn Fein comment on new UUP leader

25 June, 2005

Commenting after the election of Reg Empey as the new leader of the UUP, Sinn Féin General Secretary Mitchel Mc Laughlin urged the new leader to recommit the UUP to the Good Friday Agreement and the principle of a shared future for all of the people.

Mr McLaughlin said:

"In the past the UUP has fluctuated between the pro and anti-Agreement camps. I would urge the new leader of that party Reg Empey to commit the UUP to a future based upon that power sharing through the all-Ireland architecture laid out the in Good Friday Agreement.

"Unionism has to send a signal to the nationalist and republican community that it has moved on from the politics of domination and is willing to accept that the days of second class citizenship are over.

"Unionism needs to display to the rest of us that it can do business on the basis of equality and respect for others political mandates. That can be the only basis upon which we can secure forward movement in the time ahead." ENDS

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