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DUP propping up Tory austerity - Maskey

18 October, 2017 - by Alex Maskey

Sinn Féin's Alex Maskey MLA, party spokesperson on Welfare Rights and Anti-Poverty, has called on the DUP to end its support for a Tory government wedded to welfare cuts.

Alex Maskey said:

"The implementation of Universal Credit should be halted immediately.

"The DUP should withdraw their support for a Tory government wedded to austerity and welfare cuts.

"Having already given the Tory government a blank cheque on Brexit, and voting to maintain the public sector pay cap, by propping up this Tory government the DUP are facilitating austerity and attacks on society's most vulnerable.

"Universal Credit is a policy that is riddled with faults, complications and delays. It is a policy that was supposedly designed to simplify the benefits system but in reality has caused more hardship and deepened poverty.

“There is growing cross-party concerns over Universal Credit including from senior Tories and former Prime Minister John Major who has called for a review of this system.

"The reality is that Universal Credit is an instrument of the Tory assault on the most vulnerable in our society.

"The only answer to the problems associated with Universal Credit is to end Tory austerity and their ideologically driven attacks on our public services." 

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