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Leadership required to eradicate sectarianism in Irish society - Kearney

1 November, 2017 - by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin National Chair and South Antrim MLA, Declan Kearney, has stated that institutionalised leadership is required to eradicate sectarianism in Irish society.

Speaking at an event organised by Sinn Féin entitled "Sectarianism: 2017 - The Elephant in the Room" Mr Kearney said:

"Sectarianism remains a cancer in Irish society.

"Sinn Féin has brought forward and tabled anti-sectarianism measures and proposals within every forum. We have consistently challenged and faced down sectarianism.

"Sectarianism is the antithesis of republicanism - the message is clear - you cannot claim to be an Irish republican and an advocate of the principles of 1798 and 1916 if you do not oppose sectarianism in all its forms.

"However, republicans can not eradicate sectarianism alone. 

"Practical measures must be adopted to promote anti sectarianism and political leadership is required to advocate for that.

"Anti sectarianism must be ingrained within the ethos of our political and civic institutions North and South.

"In our new draft Policy Document ‘One Community’ Sinn Féin will bring forward comprehensive policy proposals to our Ard Fheis later this month. 

"This will propose practical measures be implemented within the political institutions, policy frameworks and community and civic society to help eradicate sectarianism.

"Sectarianism will not simply fade from Irish society. We must take proactive steps to remove it as a blight on our community."

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