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Maskey calls for DUP action on flags

29 June, 2005

South Belfast Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey has called on the DUP to begin to show political leadership on the issue of flag flying in mixed areas. Mr Maskey's remarks come after unionist paramilitaries have been erecting flags in mixed areas in South Belfast and Dunmurray over recent weeks.

Mr Maskey said:

"It is obvious given the fact that unionist paramilitaries have been erecting flags outside PSNI barracks on the Lisburn Road and in Dunmurray over the past week that the PSNI are not going to be part of a solution to this problem.

"Unionist politicians and in particular the DUP have to recognise that these displays are nothing to do with expressing a culture and are instead everything to do with intimidating nationalists and Catholics who live in these mixed areas.

"The time has long since past for the DUP to begin to exercise the political responsibility which comes with their increased political mandate. A first step upon this road would be for them to tackle head on the continued flying of loyalist and unionist flags in mixed areas.‰ ENDS

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