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Policing survey does not reflect realities on the ground

30 June, 2005

Sinn Féin Policing Spokesperson and MLA for North Belfast Gerry Kelly has today responded to a survey which claims that public confidence in policing is very high in the Six Counties. Mr Kelly said that the survey was 'inherently biased and did not reflect the real-life realities of policing in nationalist areas'.

Speaking today Mr Kelly said:

"The results of this survey will come as a surprise to many people in the community whose experience of the PSNI is not reflected in the results of the survey. I note that the survey was commissioned by the Policing Board itself and many people will be dubious about this.

"On May 5th the nationalist electorate overwhelmingly endorsed the Sinn Féin position on policing. That is why, we have come some distance and Sinn Féin's role in this has been central. But we have still some way to go to reach the threshold which makes the achievement of an acceptable, representative civic policing service which is free from partisan political control possible.

"Plastic bullets, bugged homes and the beating of nationalist women and children to force sectarian marches through nationalist areas is no part of that. The promised new beginning to policing has yet to materialise and indeed nationalists are correct to be sceptical, just a few weeks after the PSNI purchased a new re-branded batch of plastic bullets." ENDS

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