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Irish Government must exercise veto if Britain fails on Brexit – David Cullinane TD

10 November, 2017 - by David Cullinane TD

Responding to the leaked EU paper on the Brexit negotiations and impact on Ireland, North and South, Sinn Féin Brexit Spokesperson David Cullinane TD said;

“The EU is coming to the realisation that Brexit is incompatible with the Good Friday Agreement. The paper recognises that cross border co-operation is underpinned by EU membership.

“The working paper makes clear that it is essential that the British government commit to avoiding a hard border, protecting the Good Friday Agreement in all its parts, while ensuring that the rules of the single market and customs union are met.

“The only credible way to square this circle, and meet these objectives, is for the north to have designated special status, to remain within the internal market, the customs union and EU legal framework.

“The way forward is clear.

“The British government must now bring forward explicit proposal to ensure that the north to remain in the single market, the customs union and EU legal framework.

“The EU must be explicit that this is the only way forward.  

“The Irish government must exercise their veto on progressing the talks to include trade, if the British Government refuses to do this.

“British government can no longer obfuscate on this issue and play fast and loose with our agreements, economy and rights of citizens.”   


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