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Francie Molloy MP to attend Marseille European Forum event

10 November, 2017 - by Francie Molloy

Sinn Féin MP, Francie Molloy, will travel to Marseille, France, this weekend, 10 - 11 November, at the request of the European Left. 

Whilst in Marseille Francie will address a plenary session on the theme 'One Europe for peace and freedoms'. Representatives from numerous other political parties, trade union movements and social organisations of the broad left in Europe will also be in attendance at this two day event under the broad theme of 'Call for a European Forum of Progressive Forces'. 

Speaking ahead of his departure from Ireland Francie said: 

'Sinn Féin is a modern, progressive party of the left. We believe in an equal Ireland within an equal Europe. To assist us to oppose Brexit and austerity and to help us build a new Ireland we need to call on the influence of the left in Europe. 

'Sinn Féin believes Brexit offers the opportunity to advance the democratic argument to end partition and promote the argument for Irish unity both nationally and internationally. 

'To advance our objectives we are calling for Designated Special Status for the north of Ireland.

'I will be calling on progressive forces in Europe to support this position.

'I will also take this opportunity to outline our analysis of the current situation regards negotiations on re-establishing the political institutions, ending the denial of rights and implementing previous agreements, as basic requirements of a deal to establish sustainable and credible government in the north. 

'European solidarity and support is important. Sinn Féin's participation in the Marseille European Forum will help us maintain and develop that support and solidarity.'

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