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Fears over loyalist feud ending in attacks on Catholics

1 July, 2005

East Belfast Sinn Féin Representative Deborah Devenny said that nationalists in the area were deeply concerned that the latest internal loyalist feud killing would eventually lead to attacks on their community.

Ms Devenny said:

"Today's killing in broad daylight on the Newtownards Road is obviously linked to some ongoing internal feud between different factions of the unionist paramilitary gangs. However history teaches us that at the end of such feuds unionist paramilitaries tend to unite around attacking Catholics.

"With the marching season well underway and the Orange Order heightening tensions across Belfast, this killing will add to the fears of nationalists particularly in areas like the Short Strand that unionist paramilitary threats and attacks will once again turn on them

"The timing of this killing hours before the annual UVF and Orange Order parade past the Short Strand district takes place obviously raises these fears further and I would appeal to nationalists in East Belfast and indeed elsewhere to remain vigilant this evening and in the coming days." ENDS

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